DOLCI Coffee jelly is a coffee Coconut Jelly dessert which is proudly owned by the makers of Tita Ely Sweet Preserves, no other than Reysons Food Processing. It has the color and flavor of black coffee, though it is made in coconut gel (Nata De Coco). It is ready to serve and cut into cubes and served in a variety of dessert dishes and beverages. Cubes of coffee jelly are sometimes added to milkshakes, at the bottom of an ice cream float, or to garnish an ice cream sundae. 

DOLCI Coffee jelly can be added to a cup of hot or iced coffee, with cream and using its own syrup added to individual taste. In another rudimentary dish, condensed milk is poured over cubes of chilled coffee jelly in a bowl, and eaten with a spoon.


Coffee jelly is a popular dessert originated in Japan. It is served in many restaurants and cafés, and is sometimes a part of students' lunches served at public schools in Japan.

You can find coffee jelly in many sorts of coffee beverages and drinks which are usually served in leading coffee shops in the Philippines and around the world, since they are now being served internationally. Now you can enjoy your favorite coffee beverages and desserts without going against hustles and bustles of going to coffee shops by taking with you the new DOLCI Coffee Jelly.